Work Order Used Document

Work Order Used Document- From either a Bill of Materials (Work order template) or on the fly, a Work Order Used document details component items to be consumed from a specified facility when producing a finished good.  The items consumed can either be raw material inventory items or overhead cost applied items which are created in the system as Work Order Voucher codes.  When this document is posted, the component items consumed increase the Work in Process control account and decreases the raw material inventory stock and overhead cost applied control account.

  • The work order used document is the first step and section in producing a finished good document.
  • The work order used list is typically generated from a template also know as a bill of materials.
  • You access work order used documents by the creation of a finished good document. 
  • To start a new work order, from the Work Order menu option choose work order related options and then choose work order templates.  
  • Create a template that contains the component list for a finished good.  By converting a work order template into a work order the first section of the work order document is the work order used section.
  • Work orders can also be created on the fly  without first using a template.  This can be done from the work in process menu and choose open work orders and then "Add New".

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