Expense Document

  • Expense Transaction Document - The Expense Transaction Document is created as a pending document that records expense transactions that have come directly out of the specified cash/bank or credit card account without going through accounts payable.  Once the document is posted it will appear as a transaction on the bank or credit card register and increase the expense account for the general ledger account linked to the voucher code(s) used on the document.  
  • Expense transactions can be created from the Expense Transactions Open option from the Banking menu.  Once on the page you can click on the Add New button to record a new transaction.
  • Expense transactions can be imported from a spreadsheet by choosing Import Bank/CC transactions from the Banking menu.  After the first time expense transactions have been recorded, when you attempt to import the transactions the next time, the system pre-loads the imported transaction list and codes them according to the most recent matching transactions.
  • Job/Project costs can be tracked by selecting the job code and its related cost code options.

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