Submittals and Approvals

  • Below is a description of the Submittal process in the DocuLedger ERP system.  You can do the same for any item you want to go through an approval process for.  You can view the pdf version here.

1) A submittal spreadsheet is filled in and uploaded to the Submittal page within the Job Portal.  You can download the spreadsheet schema from the submittal page.

The following columns are required for the spreadsheet to upload.
  • a) The URL link for each folder is required – This can be a common folder link, or you could have different
folder links by submittal groups (this is a link available through our integrated file management system) 
This contains the project spec for the submittal line
  • b) The participants for each submittal line are required (Name and Email) – Contractor/Manager,
Subcontractor/Vendor, Reviewer/Designer/Engineer
  • c) The Spec section number
  • d) The Spec section name
  • e) The Submittal Name/title
  • f) The Due Date – Date approval is required by
  • g) The status of the submittal line – Set the initial status for the line- By default this is Awaiting
Sub/Vendor Review. if the status is further along than another option can be selected. Note: At the
head of the Submittal page when a button is clicked it sends email notifications to all participants within
the submittal if they have not responded within a specified time interval (24,48,72,96 etc.)
h) The Statuses are:
  • a) Unassigned – No emails will be sent
  • b) Awaiting Sub/Vendor – Triggers email to Sub/Vendor
  • c) Awaiting Contractor/Manager – Triggers email to Contractor/Manager
  • d) Awaiting Review/Architect/Engineer – Triggers email to the Architect or Engineer
  • e) Approved – No further email notifications are sent, but the submittal is marked Approved
  • f) Approved as noted - No further email notifications are sent but the submittal is marked Approved
  • g) Rejected- Triggers email to the Contractor/Manager
  • h) Revise and Resubmit – Triggers email to Contractor/Manager
  • i) Incomplete Submittal Complete and Resubmit - Triggers email to Contractor/Manager
2) After the submittals are loaded
  • a) The system will send email notifications with links to the participant related to the status when the button is
clicked at the head of the submittal page. This is a tokenized link that does not require a participant log in.
  • b) The link will send the participant to a form that will give them button/status options according to their role
and the status of the submittal
- Awaiting Sub/Vendor – They can upload and review files, Add Comments, mark my task as completed. –
If they mark their task as complete the status changes to Awaiting Contractor/Manager
- Awaiting Contractor/Manager – They can upload and review files, Add Comments, send back to the
Sub/Vendor or Send to the Reviewer for Approval. Send back to the Sub/Vendor (Changes the status to
Awaiting Sub/Vendor) while Send to the Reviewer (Changes the status to Awaiting
- Awaiting Review/Architect/Engineer – They can upload and review files, Add Comments, Approve the
submittal (Changes the status to Approved and marks the line as Approved), Approve as noted (Changes
the status to Approved as Noted and marks the line as Approved ), Reject the Submittal (Changes the
status to Rejected), Request that the Submittal be Revised and Resubmitted (Changes the status to
Revise and Resubmit).
- Rejected –see b
- Revise and Resubmit – see b
- Incomplete Submittal Complete and Resubmit – see b
3) The submittals can be filtered and searched on any column including the status. Once the “Is Submittal Approved”
column is set to Yes for all submittal rows then the submittal process is complete. A quick search on this column
uncovers any rows that are not approved, and the status can easily be seen, and the historical changes reviewed.

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