Customer Invoices

Invoice management can be accessed from the menu by selecting Customers>Accounts Receivable>Invoice Management

This screen represents Invoices that have been posted to the Accounts Receivable, but have not been printed for postal mailing nor sent via online email yet.  Once a posted invoice has been printed for mailing or sent online from this screen it will no longer appear in this list.  You can track invoices that have been emailed using the Email logs from the Shared Resources menu option.

Customer invoices are automatically generated once a Sales Order has been posted to the accounts receivable.  When you establish or set up a new customer you will have the option of choosing if a customer is to receive invoices through the postal service, or via email through the online service, or both.  Once a sales order has been posted it will appear in the Invoice management screen either in the top section for Un-Printed Postal Invoices or the bottom section for the Online Invoices list, or both depending on the preferences previously discussed.  

The reason they appear in the Invoice Management list is that when the Sales Order is first created and subsequently posted the preference of a postal invoice or email is moved to the Sales Order.  From the screen shot below, under the invoice tab of the Sales Order you will see that the invoice preferences along with the invoice status are controlled here.  This controls how the invoices will be sent from the invoice management screen.  Once the invoice is marked as sent either via postal or via online that option for the invoice will no longer be listed in the invoice management screen for posted invoices.  The invoice management screen updates these automatically once the invoices have been printed or transmitted.

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