During the transport of goods to customers and from vendors you will need to manage their shipment.  This section provides guidance on how that is managed. After a sales order is generated its processing for fulfilment can immediately be managed from this link - Manage orders at a facility for fulfilment

Managing the list of shipping methods - The list of shipping methods is used on Purchase Order, Sales Order, and Warehouse Transfer documents as a drop down option to select when the order is being filled.  You can add, edit and view the list of shipping methods from this link.

Tracking the status of an order - You can quickly find out the status and details for a sales order by going to this link and filtering on the customer and date range options to locate the order you want information on and then click on the order number in the list.  Under the shipping tab there is an order tracking number and shipment method field that can be used to track the shipment if it has been shipped.  Additional information about the order is available from the different tabs that will tell you things like which facility it is or was being processed from, or the shipment deadline date, the customer's PO number and more.  

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