Order management

You can access the warehouse orders from this link.

f your business deals with the distribution of products then you will like how easy it is for your team to manage the flow of orders from the Warehouse orders screen.  A facility/warehouse is selected when an order is being created.  After the sales order has been created, it will appear in a warehouse order list under the specified warehouse for the order processing staff to handle.  Once the warehouse staff records the shipment tracking information for the order and then they click the "Is shipped" checkbox, the current date will fill the date shipped box by default according to the Warehouse's time zone.  After the Update link is clicked if the "Is Shipped" checkbox has been clicked the order will no longer display in the warehouse orders list. The order is now updated as shipped and if you have set the preference of having shipped orders update as "Ready to post" in the Set Up screen then the order will also be marked as ready to post and will require no further processing.  Once the order is posted it will appear in the accounts receivable.   

As you can see from the screen shot below, you can easily track the on time deliveries for the warehouse/facility to know how the team's order management performance is doing.

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