Inventory Transfer Document

  • Inventory Transfer Document – The Inventory Transfer Document starts as a pending document that is used to transfer inventory items from one warehouse/facility to another.  The header section contains among other items the originating facility, the destination facility, the financial period date, if the document is ready to post, and freight tracking related information.  The detailed section contains information about the inventory line items to transfer and if applicable transfer line costs.  Once the inventory arrives at its destination this document is to be posted and the result is that the inventory will be reduced from the origin location and increased in the destination location.
  • To transfer inventory from one Facility to another, from the Inventory menu select open inventory transfers.
  • From the loaded page click on the "Add New" button.
  • You will be prompted to fill out the header section with information like from which facility are you transferring from and to, date of the transfer etc.  Once you have filled this information out click on the save button and you will be prompted with a form for selecting the inventory line items that are being transferred from one facility to another.  
  • Once you have all of the line items on the transfer it should remain open until the destination facility has acknowledged the receipt of transfer and advised of any discrepancies if any.
  • Once the transfer is finalized (receiving has acknowledged its receipt in total and detail), you then mark (check the ready to post box) the header section ready to post and then you can click post the transfer button to complete the transfer operation.  
  • Once the inventory transfer is posted the On hand quantities are updated for both the origin and destination facilities.

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