Inventory Adjustment Document

Inventory Adjustment Document- The Inventory adjustment document is created as a pending document to list items that did not reconcile with what you have verified during the course of a physical comparison at a facility.  You can list inventory items to increase as well as items to decrease.  When this document is posted the increased line items will increase the inventory stock at the document facility, and will decrease the inventory stock at the facility for the listed decrease line items.

  • An inventory adjustment document can be created from the Inventory menu option and then select adjustments open and then clicking on the "Add New" button.
  • Two forms will prompt you for information.  The header section contains information like the period posting date and the warehouse facility.  The detail section is where you specify the line items to either increase or decrease at the facility. 
  • To complete the inventory decrease posting the line items must have sufficient on hand inventory to support the transaction.

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