Sales Orders

  •  Sales Orders – Are created either from the open orders listing or a customer quote or from a job/project listing or the job/project portal.  From the job/project you can create a sales order that contains progress billing details that will ultimately register revenue against the job/project.  The sales order once posted becomes an invoice and is subsequently listed on the accounts receivable aging.  Sales orders can potentially have 3 different line item types.  The inventory and non-inventory billing line items below exist within a sales group category.  Here are the line types.
  • a)       Inventory – Inventory transaction lines require adequate stock to support the posting of the sale otherwise the line and sales order will not post.  Sales orders with insufficient stock can easily be determined from the “Unposted SO vs On Hand” listing available from the Inventory related items section.
  • b)      Non inventory billing item- a service charge line item that is for the purpose of billing for a charge of some sort.
  • c)       AR Voucher code – Established and used by the accountant, it is an item code that is connected to a G/L Account which under standard operations results in a credit entry to the ledger of the connected G/L account.
  • If the sales order is created from the Job/Project portal it will by default be coded with the Job Code information.  This means that once the sales order is posted and becomes an invoice revenue will be connected to the job number and additionally each sales line on the order can be tied to a schedule of value billing item by simply linking the line item to the project's schedule of value billing line.  This will happen automatically if the sales order is created from the Schedule of Value Billing page.

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