Use an existing template to create an order

To use an existing template for repeat orders go to the list of customers ( Customer List - DocuLedger), search under the customer name column to locate the customer, click on the place order button, and then select the named template from the list (could be just one), enter the bill to PO, order deadline information (shipment deadline, customer due date), record any special instructions, place an order quantity next to a product or service line and then click convert to order.  You have the option of adding additional products and service items to the template or you can modify the converted sales order as needed by changing the facility, adding more line items, editing pricing etc.  

If you have customers that re-order often the same items from your company then you will likely want to create a template for their account.  A template stores information for creating an order quickly, accurately, and consistently by retaining information that is similar for upcoming orders.  The template can have a list of products and service items that that are priced according to a quote given to your customer.  This makes creating an order easy as you only need to enter the quantity for the current order (in some cases you may want to preset the quantities as well) , record the purchase order number, and any special instructions needed and click convert to order.  Special instructions for the handling the customer's order can be retained in the template as well by updating the comments field.  This is an order comments field that can be modified on the fly so you can store customer service processing information or add shipping and handling information that will display information on the shipping documents.

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