Use a new template to create an order

To create a new template to be used for future orders for a customer go to the customer list (Customer List - DocuLedger) and then select the customer from the list using the filter in the column to find the customer, then click place order, and then click the add new button to then begin filling out template information and adding line items.  It is customary to set the line quantities to ZERO so that when you receive an order in the future you can simply enter the quantity on the line and only quantities that are not ZERO will be converted on to the order created from the template.  You can add as little or as much information as the basis for future orders including adding attachments for reference.  

By creating the template you can store pricing information for products and services as well as store order processing information for future reference or to be used by the shipping department as reference from the shipping documents.  The comments field it often used to store processing information for the customer service team that can then be edited on the fly before converting the template into an order.  If the information is left in the comments/order instructions field it will be displayed in the shipping documents such as the packing list and bill of lading.

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